Written Testimonials


Dear Dr. Tom,

I would firstly like to compliment you but moreover thank you and your staff for the job done in extracting my wisdom teeth.  As you know, I really did not look forward to the procedure. Having teeth pulled does not rank very high on my list of favorite recreational activities.

Nonetheless, the way your staff took care of me was amazing.  From the start listening to the music I almost forgot the reason for being there.  The day after the procedure I was back at work and also not taking pain medication anymore.  That to me is a testament of the fact that you must have taken a lot of care in extracting the teeth in order to minimize any pain afterward.

Thank you again and I hope that you, your staff with your families have a very merry Christmas. — Alfred B.

Dear Dr. Ludlow and future implant patients-

My journey with dental implants began in 1993 when I received 2 implants.  I found it fascinating that a dental procedure could actually give me my teeth back. Now it’s 2008  and Doctor Ludlow is doing my fifth dental implant.  Doctor Ludlow is absolutely the most gentle, thorough, and compassionate dentist I have had the pleasure to work with-and yes, I do believe the patient and dentist work together. Doctor Ludlow has listened to my concerns and discussed with me all the possibilities and alternatives to dental implants. For me, there is no question that the implant is the best possible way to go.  The procedure is quite simple (well, for the patient anyway, all we have to do is keep our mouth open,) Dr. Ludlow works his magic by placing the implant, virtually a painless procedure, and then we wait and watch for a few months.  When the implant has attached itself to the bone in my jaw, the real magic arrives. Doctor Ludlow then places the beautiful crown, which he matches exactly to my other teeth, on the implant.  The result is a perfectly beautiful and perfectly functioning tooth.  I take a great deal of pride in my smile, and with Doctor Ludlow, and his staff’s help, I’m showing my smile all of the time.  I can honestly say, most definitely, my favorite dentist ever is Doctor Ludlow! If you have any doubt about dental implants being right for you, I thoroughly recommend having the procedure- Doctor Ludlow will make the experience pleasant and you will be eating and talking and smiling and simply being happy because your mouth is happy!

Thank you doctor Ludlow, you are the best! — Arlene D.

Dear Dr. Ludlow and Staff,

I have been meaning to say ‘Thank-you” for quite sometime now. When I first got the courage to make a call to your office, it had been over 28 years since I had last gone to see a dentist. The reason for staying away so long was the painful and agonizing treatments I had received as a child and as a young adult. I was now at the point where I could no longer bear the pain in my lower back teeth and was unable eat my favorite foods. Thank goodness for a wonderful friend who recommended I call you for help. I will be eternally grateful to her
I can honestly say that my experience with doctor Ludlow has been the best experience that I have ever had with a dentist! Dr. Ludlow was so kind and gentle, in fact his staff is the same. The work was done quickly, and with little or no pain.  The entire office worked with me to make my appointments pleasant and a good experience. I can honestly say I love my new smile and feel so much healthier,   Thank you Dr. Ludlow! — Deborah B. 

To Dr. Ludlow & Staff,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for taking good care of me.  As you surely know, I’m very sensitive to having work done on my teeth, and generally have a great dislike toward seeing a dentist. You always made feel as though I was in good hands (and with the use of sedation dentistry). The cosmetic work was easily worth it, and in retrospect, I had nothing to worry about.  — Clark T. 

David Young Testimonial

I’m pretty realistic about teeth. I’ve lived with them a long time. I guess I have had dental disasters in my past. But, when Dr. Ludlow examined me he discovered that perhaps that tooth on the lower left, that molar should be paid attention to first because it was probably poisoning me, or in other words it had an infection down there and rightfully so he jumped on that first and that led to the bridge on the lower left. When I first came in my tooth had just come off.

I have really seen a lot of changes in dentistry. In the frontier town that I grew up in there was only one dentist and he was very old and nobody went to him. His methods were fairly primitive. I had a cousin of mine living in another city and she had what she considered a “pretty good dentist”. So that’s where I went and that was my very first dental experience. They didn’t use any pain killer at the time, nothing whatsoever. So, when the dentist went in there and worked on that tooth and drilled on it, that was just cold turkey. I just griped my hands to the chair and put up with it.

It was different here at Dr. Ludlow’s office; first of all I didn’t feel a thing. There was just no discomfort whatsoever. I admit I am not a first timer in the dentist chair, so I’m pretty relaxed and comfortable with it despite past experiences. But I can tell you Dr. Ludlow’s methods are sensational.

As I look at the pictures of my teeth I can’t believe it. The evenness and the way Dr. Ludlow matched the color of my teeth. It’s amazing! Frankly I never appreciated when I started this, what this would look like. I was strictly viewing it form the inside. Get rid of the hurt so I can bite real easy and so forth. But the way it looks, that’s an extra, that’s a plus.

Dr. Ludlow is a fine dentist. Good hands, good touch, always in contact with the patient. I like that. I always know what’s going on and we communicate very well. I think that’s good. I know some people probably wish they didn’t have to think about it. But, I’m always inquisitive. And when anyone is working on me physically I want to know what they are doing. I think to myself, Dr. Ludlow, where were you when I needed you sixty years ago? — David Young 

The saga of my teeth all started 30 years ago when my jaw was broken and my three front teeth were knocked out in an accident in a backyard croquette game. I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This accident left me wearing a bridge in my mouth that I was not happy with. For 25 years, you could see the big black stuff in the back of it that was part of the bridge work. That’s when I became a bit shy about my smile. I didn’t like that you could see the top black part of the bridge while smiling and I just didn’t like my teeth. I lived with them for 25 years and it just didn’t look right to me, but I didn’t really think about making changes for a long time. Then a colleague told me about a great practice in Folsom and it turned out to be Dr. Ludlow. And I came for a consultation. I just thought I have nothing to loose with a consultation, we can discuss my options. It was a fairly complicated case and we created a plan to straighten and enhance my smile. That was a little more than five years ago. He told me what it would entail and I wanted to do this. I did it and I have absolutely no regrets, of course I am thrilled, I am thrilled that I did it. It was absolutely worth it and Dr. Ludlow was FABULOUS through out the whole process.

Dr. Ludlow and the whole staff always made me feel SO comfortable. They were very willing to meet all of my needs. However, I was surprised that it was painless and I only needed local anesthesia and didn’t need any pain medications. I was able to do it all with local anesthesia in the office here I did not ever have anything else. I just did it. They were phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal always, always kind and always attentive. Yet I was just so amazed by his skills! I’ve come from a dentist who might have come from a little older school. And just knew I needed something more up to date. I was just like, “Wow!” This is what State-of-the-Art dentistry is all about. Dr. Ludlow is clearly a very highly skilled dentist. I was determined that if I was going to do this, that I would have the very best dentist that I could get. I’m not the youngest person in the world but I still wanted to feel good for the remainder of my career and for the remained of my life. My appearance does matter and is very important to me and significant to me in my work. I am in real-estate; and working with people all the time.

My big black bridge was replaced with three beautiful implants, bone grafts and a combination of natural looking crowns and veneers. I had many difficulties with my teeth over the years. I just didn’t get dealt the best hand when it comes to teeth. Dr. Ludlow not only fixed my smile, but also strengthened and corrected my bite. My teeth not only look good but they feel good. I feel like I have a really solid set of teeth in my mouth now for the first time in thirty years. And that’s a really good feeling, having been through a lot of dental procedures in my life. I can feel confident about my smile…and that’s a big part, a very noticeable part of a person face and so I’m a big believer in it. I think it has helped my attitude and my perspective on life. Everyone gets down in the dumps sometimes and now fortunately I don’t have to get down in the dumps about my smile and my teeth. And there were times when I did. It’s just something that’s not an issue anymore. If you feel like you are having a bad hair day at least you got your smile. It’s the little things that matter and make a significant difference not only in your daily outlook but your life. For me my smile is a very important part of my personality. I have the improved comfort with eating and am inspired to take the best care that I can of my teeth. That’s how much it means to me.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Ludlow, absolutely! I have recommended him to my friends and I think his skills are fabulous and he was the solution to my problem. I had a lot of problems in my mouth that plagued me for thirty years. My bone had been lost which made my mouth a rather complicated case. Now without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. Ludlow as a dentist that will listen to your story and will find a long term solution that works for you. Through state-of-the-art technology and his highly skilled and gentle hand along with a touch of creativity, I now have a more confident smile and a more optimistic perspective on life. There is no question that I would recommend his services. I drive 45 minutes to an hour to get here and I did throughout my procedures, this was a commitment I had no trouble making. The recommendation from a friend in my office was perfect. I feel lucky that she recommended Dr.Ludlow. — Diane L. 

Dr. Ludlow and Staff,

I just wanted to pause and say “Thank you”. It’s so nice to have everyone greet us with genuine care. You’re all so nice and thoughtful- you almost make going to the dentist something to look forward to.

Thank you for all your warmth and hospitality. — Jackie A. 

Dear Dr. Ludlow & Staff,

Thank you for guiding me through a transitional year.  I came to you last year, terrified of dentists, not able to stand any dental procedures.You patience and understanding allowed me to go step by step, building the trust trying to re-wire my brain.When I first met you, you told me someday I would be able to actually have my teeth cleaned with no nitrous., Quite frankly, I knew I would disappoint and never be able to sit in a dentist chair without the nitrous.Today, March 13, 2008 is a banner day!  I have now survived crowns, root canals, post, and cleanings! I cannot believe I sat in your chair this morning and did not need any help from nitrous ( I did reach for the headphones when the drill started but that is not too bad!)As you know, I have been dreaming of eating Rocky Road ice cream, my all-time favorite. You can imagine my surprise when you and your staff presented me With the first Rocky Road I have had in years!!  I am going to eat all of it-today-all by myself!! I am so grateful to you and your entire staff fort all of the support.  I feel like you are all my dental cheerleaders!  I have discovered that my new found courage is very empowering.Thanks again for everything and I’ll see you for my next cleaning. (Hold the nitrous!!) — Jan H. 

Dr. Ludlow and Staff,

I want you to know how much I appreciated your fitting me into your schedule. Our trip will be much more relaxing knowing that the tooth you filled will not cause more problems. You and your staff gave me excellent care and comfort while in your office. If we lived in Folsom rather than PA, I certainly would recommend your services. — Judy B. 

Dear Dr. Ludlow and Staff,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you did to make my dental work a great experience at Expressions In Dentistry!  Everyone’s friendly and professional attitude was an experience I had never before encountered at other dental offices.You always made me feel important and cared about. I appreciated you keeping me relaxed and comfortable.  Thank you Dr. Ludlow for seeing me on a Saturday when my temp. crown came off.  Kathleen keep making the cookies they are great!!!  I hope to work for a great healthcare organization with the same caring , friendly, and professional atmosphere after I get my A.A.S. degree in Medical Office Administration. You raise kindness to an art!!!

Thank You and God Bless! — Lynn D. 

Dear Dr. Ludlow,

Thank you for the “new life” I have because of you and your staff. Coming in to get my dental work done used to be an awful experience! Not only was I worried about the pain, but my mental health issues of agoraphobia (hating to leave my home) were almost unbearable.  Your office, staff and especially yourself, have provided me with a sense of safety and a “safe haven”.  Your office is always so clean and friendly! I feel confident in the painless dental care I receive.  Thank you for your kindness! Both my mental health, as well as my physical health, have improved.  Dr. Ludlow you may have saved my life several times because you are so observant! Most of all Thank you for my smile!

God bless you all for making my life so much happier and healthier!

Love, Sallie B. 

Dr. Ludlow,

I have been meaning to send you a note for a while now telling you how pleased I am with my new upper partial.  I am eating with the ease and comfort of  real teeth.  It was amazing that you made a couple of minor adjustments in your office the day I received it, and it was perfect after that. Not another adjustment necessary!I was very pleased with the bottom partial and the implants that keep it in
place, and I am impressed with the new upper partial.  I appreciate all you have done to improve my teeth/eating problems since I have been your patient.

THANK YOU!!! — Joanne D. 

Dear Dr. Ludlow and Team,,

I am writing this to tell you how very pleased I’ve been with my two implants. You remember how hesitant I was initially and how I quizzed you about your experience and your success rate…Remember!?! I’ve told so many of my friends about my experience of not having the conscious sedation because I wanted to see all and hear all. I felt no pain and actually enjoyed all the attention I was getting.  I laughed at the times as I watched Seinfeld. Dr. Ludlow, you’ve never let me down. You’ve done so much for me, extractions as well. You’re the Best! Thanks again for always making sure my dental procedures go so well and we love many laughs as well.

Best Regards, Vida M. 

Dear Dr. Ludlow,

“After suffering from painful childhood dental visits and then through years of avoiding the dentist as an adult, I finally made the decision to see a dentist and was led to Dr. Ludlow. He validated my fears and helped me to eliminate them through painless and caring dental visits. One of the best decisions of my life was to see Dr. Ludlow.  I now have the dental health and SMILE most people only dream about!”

Thank you, Diane S. 

Dear Dr. Ludlow,

About six months ago, my bridge broke- it seems the anchor tooth gave way and cracked in half.  The next day, I visited Dr. Ludlow and was given the following options:

  1. A removable partial denture
  2. A longer fixed bridge
  3. Three implants.

As I no longer wanted to deal with the possibility of losing another bridge, I opted for the implants.  I told my son I was getting “implants” and he laughed.  I  knew that his first thought was breast augmentation!   “No, no,” I said.  “These are implants in my mouth!

Six months later, I am sporting new implants and couldn’t be happier! Dr. Ludlow carefully matched adjoining teeth in color.  He and his assistants worked so well together through the various processes involved that I was always at ease and confident that the work would go smoothly.  And it did. I never required sedation.

The implants fit well and blend in with the adjoining teeth.  I do not feel a difference in the bite.  I would recommend implants to anyone contemplating the procedure.  I learned that Dr. Ludlow (Expressions in Dentistry) is one of only 10% of U.S. dentists trained to do this procedure.  I’m so glad I put myself under his expert care for my three (not two!) implants.

Sincerely, Joan T. 

Dear Dr. Ludlow,

Treavor and I and our five children have been coming to your office for several years now and it has been such a positive experience!  You are so great with all of our children even the youngest feels at ease!  Thank you for your concern about any fears or concerns our children may have. Our family always feels welcome, by both yourself and the staff. I always feel confident that my dental experience will be positive and pain free with wonderful results! Our family appreciates the fact – We can smile everyday  with confidence knowing our teeth look great!

Thank you Dr Ludlow!! — The Hodson Family