Benefits of CandidPro Clear Aligners

CandidPro Clear Aligners

Straight, shiny clean teeth that meet for a perfect smile is a standard and a goal for many people. Though crooked teeth certainly give a face character and distinction, so, too, does a smile that looks like it’s been touched by love. If you’re in the market for straighter teeth, our practice has a wonderful option for you. 

Our team of experienced dental professionals at Expressions in Dentistry in Folsom, California, understand the hesitation that may arise when it’s time to talk about straightening teeth — the necessary time to install traditional braces, the daily inconveniences, and the look of traditional braces may not be for everyone. For those who want straighter teeth with less hassle, our practice offers CandidPro Clear Aligners.

Why straighten my teeth?

Many people aren’t aware that straight teeth are typically healthy teeth — at least, healthier than malocclusion, or crooked teeth. To be clear, there are no deaths on record as a result of misaligned teeth, but there could be consequences when you skip treating your dental malocclusion. 

First, straight teeth are easier to clean. That may not seem like a great concern at first, but food particles are easily trapped between anyone’s teeth. All teeth, regardless of how well they’ve been cared for, require biannual professional cleanings to stay healthy. Although these particles must still be removed from straight teeth, crooked teeth make it harder to floss and harder for your toothbrush to reach the things that must be removed. 

When it’s harder to brush and floss, the leftover residue from your day attracts bacteria, eventually forming a veil over your teeth. This veil is called plaque, and you might feel it with your tongue. You can brush plaque away, but it can linger between teeth and just below the gumline where it can harden into tartar if not properly and completely removed. 

Second, if your teeth aren’t lining up properly, meaning if your teeth aren’t making contact with their matches on the top and bottom, that can create pressure on a tooth, or teeth. This pressure can wear a tooth down, making it vulnerable to breaking. 

Without the strength of each tooth, the other teeth have to manage the pressure of talking and chewing, creating the opportunity for broken teeth, missing teeth, and jaw pain. Misaligned teeth can also affect your ability to chew your food properly, raising your risk of indigestion, and other gastrointestinal issues. 

With all these issues that you may face as a result of misaligned teeth, nearly any dental professional would recommend treating your malocclusion with braces. Braces, however reliable, also bring with them some changes to your appearance that some find to be unpleasant. 

Traditional braces require a long and uncomfortable installation process —  each metal piece has to adhere to each tooth with a special glue, wires have to be cut and pushed through the metal pieces, and some patients may need rubber bands to help their teeth fall in line. Even though this option is a long-trusted one, we offer a better solution: CandidPro clear aligners

How do CandidPro clear aligners work?

Come to Expressions in Dentistry, and sit down for a consultation with your provider, who will need to examine and clean your teeth, checking for any teeth that need to be treated for any reason. With clean teeth, your provider uses a special machine provided by CandidPro to scan your teeth. The information collected by the handheld machine generates suggestions for your outcome. 

Though no two cases of malocclusion are exactly alike, CandidPro is able to create a treatment plan for you without the hassle or discomfort of having traditional braces installed. Once the company has a digital mold of your teeth, your aligners are sent to you through the mail. 

Make sure that you’re wearing your aligners for at least 23 hours per day. You will need to remove them to eat, clean them, and brush and floss your teeth, but they should be replaced when you’re finished. CandidPro sends a scanner by mail every two weeks to send you updated trays and monitor your progress with your provider. 

Should I know anything else?  

CandidPro clear aligners are not for every case of malocclusion, as some patients will need procedures that require the use of traditional braces, like orognathic surgery to correct a misaligned jaw. 

With CandidPro clear aligners, though, you should see results within a year, and your provider can show you how to care for your aligners. If your teeth need a little straightening out, or a lot of straightening out, contact Expressions in Dentistry today at 916-252-9186, or book an appointment with us online.

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