The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

This statistic may shock you: Even though an adult has 28 teeth (excluding the four wisdom teeth if they’re removed), Americans ages 20-64 have an average of only 25.5 teeth, and in that age group, 2.2% have lost all their teeth.

Should you really be concerned if you’re just missing one or two teeth though — especially if the gap isn’t visible?

Yes, you absolutely should, and we’ll go into why in this post, as well as talk about dental implants, an innovative solution for missing teeth.

The superior dental team at Expressions in Dentistry has abundant experience educating patients about the numerous advantages that dental implants offer, and they provide this treatment with both a high level of skill and exceeding sensitivity. Many patients are delighted with this safe, permanent, and great-looking solution.

The perils of missing teeth

Missing one or more teeth isn’t as harmless as it may seem. You may have lost a tooth because of decay, injury, gum disease, or even poor nutrition. When there’s a gap in your mouth, it can initiate a cascade of problems, including:

In addition to these problems, your missing tooth or teeth may make you self-conscious about how you look. You’d like to smile, but find yourself covering your mouth. 

Dental implants: the superior solution for missing teeth

A dental implant is a tiny titanium structure that acts as your new tooth root, and your Expressions in Dentistry provider places it securely in your jawbone during a brief, simple surgical procedure. 

After the procedure, your implant needs to fuse to your jawbone, which takes a few months. After becoming strong and well-established, it will be ready to hold your restoration, such as a crown, bridge, or dentures. 

Amazingly, we’re able to offer what’s called All-on-4 implants as well, which replace an entire dental arch, so this isn’t just a solution for replacing one or two teeth. 

Dental implants are popular because they offer patients so many pluses, including:

It’s hard to argue against the considerable benefits of dental implants after scanning this extensive list, isn’t it? Dental implants support your dental health, make your life easier and more comfortable, and they restore your beautiful smile!

Don’t delay finding out more about dental implants and all they offer. Call our E. Bidwell Street office at 916-983-6767 to schedule an appointment and learn more, or feel free to book one online

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