Why Dental Implants Are the Healthiest Tooth Replacement Option

Why Dental Implants Are the Healthiest Tooth Replacement Option

The problems that a missing tooth or teeth can cause are significant, and they don’t just have to do with how your smile looks. Still, 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists.

Before the advent of dental implants, a patient’s choices were more limited, but they’re an often-chosen solution now. There are considerable benefits with dental implants, including the fact that they offer you long-term durability and a chance for better dental health.

The caring team at Expressions in Dentistry is with you every step of the way when you opt for a dental implant, and they’re happy to answer every question and address any concern you may have before, during, and after your procedure. 

The practice also offers a host of dental services for the whole family, from cosmetic dentistry services and Invisalign treatment to emergency dental care, and more, as well as help for conditions that impact your general health, such as sleep apnea. No matter your dental need, we’re prepared to address it with sensitivity. 

Why you shouldn’t delay getting treatment for a missing tooth

We noted above that letting a mouth gap linger isn’t a good idea. The longer you let it go, the more you put yourself at risk for:

The effects of a missing tooth are both physical and emotional, and we believe patients deserve a strong, permanent, and proven solution for replacement.

What are the pros of dental implants and why are they considered healthier?

First, let’s review what the dental implant process involves. During the minor surgical procedure, your dentist places your new tooth “root,” which is really a tiny titanium post, into your gum. Over time, it fuses to your jawbone and supports your crown, bridge, or denture restoration. 

Fortunately, a dental implant can help prevent the problems listed previously from happening, so your smile can remain stable, in alignment, and beautiful. You also don’t have to worry about issues with eating or speaking.

The benefit an implant offers that excites us and is specifically health-related is that it actually supports jaw tissue stimulation, since the implant becomes fully integrated into your jawbone (unlike bridges and dentures, which simply sit atop your gums). This stimulation is critical since it prevents bone loss. 

Additionally, going with a traditional bridge means that you must get some enamel removed from the teeth on either side of it, and this step is unnecessary with implants. 

You should also know that it’s possible for us to replace a complete dental arch (multiple missing teeth) because we offer a multi-implant procedure known as All on 4®. 

Finally, implants are simply more natural-looking and feel more comfortable as compared to other options. 

Our practice is committed to dental implants as a tooth replacement option that supports your overall health. As with any procedure, we fully evaluate you to ensure that you’re a candidate for implants. We have expertise in performing the procedure, but we also meet you where you are as a patient and seek to tailor your experience here, so it’s efficient, successful, and comfortable. 

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