You Don't Have to Live with Dull and Dingy Teeth

You Don't Have to Live with Dull and Dingy Teeth

In our world of face-to-face interactions, both in-person and digital, your smile comes first. If your teeth are dull and dingy, you’ll notice, and so will the people around you. Though a perfect smile doesn’t have to look the same on every person, a healthy smile is what’s most important, complete with straight, bright white teeth. 

The professional team at Expressions in Dentistry has been working with vulnerable smiles for years, improving the health and self-esteem of people of all ages living in or around Folsom, California. In addition to helping your teeth convey a healthy smile, we have ideas to help your teeth stay bright and happy. 

Yellow teeth are unhappy teeth

Our lifestyles do a number on our teeth: from drinking a variety of fun beverages to that last cigarette before bed. Over time, many people, if not most people, find their teeth and gums darken with age. Though aging has strong effects on the body, including on your teeth, there are other causes of dull, dingy teeth. 

One of the biggest contributors of stained teeth is wine, which is a well-known staining agent for both the tongue and teeth. Tobacco use carries a number of extreme health risks, including certain cancers, a number of respiratory diseases, and of course, dingy teeth. Using tobacco also causes foul breath and raises your risk of developing dental disease. 

Ultimately, improper oral hygiene is the cause of a yellow smile. Whether it’s because you aren’t brushing and flossing regularly, or because you frequently use drugs or alcohol, healing your smile is one of our specialties at Expressions in Dentistry. 

How we treat dull and dingy teeth

Plenty of patients come in with concerns about the appearance of their smile, and a chief complaint for many of them is the color of their teeth. After your provider sits with you for a consultation, they perform a thorough exam, checking for any sign of infection on your teeth or gums. 

After noting any specific problems, your provider cleans your teeth, removing any tartar from your gumline, and freshening your entire mouth. Some people may desire teeth that shine more brightly than what can be accomplished with conventional dental cleanings. For these patients, we offer KorⓇ Teeth Whitening

The Kor Whitening System is a revolutionary offering that whitens teeth gently and thoroughly. Using high-potency gels and saliva-blocking trays, this in-office procedure delivers world-class results that last. 

How to protect a white smile

With a fresh new smile, you’re ready to take on your daily challenges with a new vigor. One of these challenges is keeping your smile white. In addition to adhering to your biannual professional cleaning schedule, you’ll also want to make a few lifestyle changes that will positively impact your oral and overall health. 

If you smoke, talk to your primary care doctor about tools to help you quit. Smoking can eventually be fatal and is a danger to your new white smile. Temper your use of wine, which stains, and sugary drinks, whose film can dull your teeth. Choose teeth-cleaning snacks like carrots, apples, and pears with cottage cheese. Nuts are also tooth-friendly foods. 

Drinking plenty of water is an excellent step to take in protecting your teeth and your overall health. Ask your provider at Expressions in Dentistry for their recommendations of mouthwash and toothpaste, and consider a textured floss that goes the extra mile to remove food particles from between your teeth. 

Whitening your teeth is about more than just your looks; it plays a role in your oral health. We’re happy to brighten your day and your smile. Call us at 916-252-9186, or book an appointment with us online. 

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